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Marketers are often balancing heavy workloads, as they are thought to be the Jacks and Janes of All Trades throughout the business world. They support and manage sales, thought-leadership, events, advertising, content, business development…the list goes on. At some point, their expertise is stretched too thin, and they need to call in some professional help. Just check out this article on Why Digital Marketing Trends May Require You To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

It’s time for marketers to love their jobs again.

Working with a digital marketing agency can give marketers the freedom to take back their professional experience, and remind them why they do what they do, and why they love doing it. Here are a few ways that working with an agency can take turn a marketer’s “job” into an experience that they love.

#1 You Can Get Back to the Basics

It’s hard to come up with creative, engaging content strategy when you’re pressured to just publish as much as possible, as fast as possible. Without a focus on strategy, however, marketers are just shooting in the dark. They will struggle to find the right metrics, and won’t be able to provide proof of ROI. Working with an agency can free up marketers’ time so they can get back to the basics. With a team that is able to schedule and push content, as well as monitor and report on performance, marketers can spend their time evaluating and adjusting their strategy.

#2 You Don’t Have to Learn a New Vocabulary

Bridging the vocabulary gap between marketing, web, IT, and development teams can be a full time job. Marketers are expected to keep up on the trends on new vocabulary for their own industry as well as those they work closely with so that they can interpret conversations across departments. It can be a full time job. Account managers and teams at agencies will already be experts in all the technical vocabulary, so marketers don’t have to try to learn a new language. Agency teams will be able to understand marketers at their level, and will translate technical terms to layman’s terms.

#3 You Can Learn Something New

While fitting an entire vocabulary from a different industry into your head is overwhelming, that doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate learning something new. Working with an agency will put you in contact with a team of people that have expertise in industries that are different but related to marketing. Learning a little bit about something new can help marketers expand their creative planning, without putting the weight of a new discipline on their shoulders. While it’s hard for a marketer to suddenly learn how to code – if they didn’t already study coding in school – it is feasible to say that a marketer can pick up a few basic coding tips from the developers from the agency that are working on their account. Working with a group of people that have a variety of backgrounds and come from different generations is a great way to expand both the knowledge and creativity of a marketer.

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