basic social media

If you build it, they will come. That’s a lie. Well, it is in the context of social media marketing at least. Building your social media is the easy part.

Growing your social media is a whole different story that requires attention and maintenance. If you want to stand out, you can’t be basic. Here are five rules to follow for trackable social media success.

Focus on Content Quality Over Content Quantity.

One of the biggest mistakes that brands make is to post too much content. While content is king on the Internet, it needs to be relevant content. It also needs to be content that your audience is interested in, not something you force on them.

Your content should be created with your audience in mind, not with your objectives in mind. Sounds backward, but your social media should work as a channel to capture leads, not as a channel to house your entire marketing content. Too many posts will result in people unfollowing or un-liking your pages.

But Still Post Regularly.

While you shouldn’t post content just to have content, you should keep a regular schedule. Regular content will keep you in your audience’s newsfeed so that they don’t forget about you.

There is no perfect formula for posting on social media; you need to test your social pages and find the right days, times, and frequencies that resonate with your audience. Once you figure out what works for you, get into a groove of posting regularly, and don’t be afraid to do continued testing so your research doesn’t become outdated.

Interact to Engage.

There are two things to remember here:

1) Be responsive to posts and messages on your page
2) Don’t ignore the trolls.

Social media is not like the old school marketing methods where brands have the microphone the whole time. Social media and technology have opened advertising up to an open mic night.

Now, anyone can head to the Internet to voice their opinion about your company, your brand, your product and reach your entire audience along with their network.

The brands that are doing it right on social media know that to engage their audience, they need to interact. Respond to reasonable comments; don’t let direct message pile up; acknowledge the trolls (while taking the high road).

Get it Write, er, Right.

Don’t make simple spelling and grammar errors on social media. This might seem like a small mistake, but it is quite annoying and can hurt your credibility and reputation. Don’t post in a hurry. Take a minute to read through your post to proof it and correct errors.

Focus on Hashtag Quality Over Hashtag Quantity.

#lessismore #thesethingsarehardtoreadanyway #howmanyhashtagsaretoomanyhashtags

Hashtags are great. They started as a way to group messages to a specific topic, and they organically became a pop culture phenomena. And as things do, they got a little out of hand.

Limit your hashtags to two or three per post – at most – and don’t make them so long that they are hard to read. Consider developing one or two for your brand, and use those in your posts. Otherwise, see if you can relate your brands and posts to any of the already trending hashtags to capitalize on the inherent popularity.