inspire creativity office

As a company that lives in both the digital world and agency world, well, creativity is our heart. Without it, none of our projects would be successful, we wouldn’t have award-winning work, and we wouldn’t be able to lead our clients to success.

Being creative helps us with our work, sure, but it also helps us cultivate an inspiring workplace where people show up, willingly and happily, even on the bad days. Don’t limit the creative activities in your office to just the departments that you think should be creative, either. Creativity helps with problem-solving, too, in ways you wouldn’t expect. Creative thinking can help solve math and coding problems, not just creative problems!

Here are two simple ways to inspire creativity in your office:

Creativity 101: Host Friendly Competitions

Nothing says creative inspiration like a little friendly competition. Have employees make suggestions on what things to compete on, and have an entire yearly calendar made. Obviously, make sure that the competition topic is something creative. Here are some ideas:

  •   Adult coloring is big now – have your staff all color the same image, then let kids or vendors or clients vote on their favorite. You can even use social media to post all the work and let your fans vote.
  •   Piggyback off those holidays! Have a contest for writing a love poem for Valentine’s Day, creating a green dish for St. Patrick’s Day, creating a Peep-o-rama for Easter, hold a pumpkin-carving or costume contest for Halloween, and have a gingerbread house competition for the holiday season.
  •   Have departments make a music video for the same song, and reward the most creative interpretation of the song.
  •   Is your office due for any remodeling or redecorating? If so, let everyone in on the planning. Let anyone that is interested pitch their interior decoration ideas for consideration.

Creativity 102: Make it a Big Deal

You know how people always want to attend conventions and trade shows because they learn so much in that atmosphere? Well, capitalize on that spirit and hold your own convention, focused on innovation and creativity. I know you’re probably seeing crazy amounts of money signs right now, but the title of this section is “Make it a Big Deal” so you shouldn’t be surprised.

Book a local hotel or meeting space, and line up a bunch of speakers and panels – from your staff, from outside motivational speakers, and maybe even from clients and vendors. Treat it like a real convention, so that your staff will as well.

You can make the event internal only, or you can even make it a hybrid and have activities and sessions for external people as well. Whether that includes vendors, clients, or even your staff’s family members, is up to you. This route will, of course, be more expensive, but the point is to invest in inspiring your staff’s creativity so that they produce better work which will help your business grow.


How do you inspire creativity in your office?