fix sinking company

From clueless political-statement soda commercials to people being dragged off planes, one thing is apparent– We have completely lost sight of the number one thing that matters in business.

The customer.

If you think it’s the money, numbers or popularity, you’re doing it wrong. It’s time for companies to remember why we do the jobs that we do.

To solve problems!

To help people!

To make awesome stuff!

To connect with others!

But right now we are living in a time of trends.

Sure, it might work for a quick minute, but before you know it, all the trends you just spent days catching up with are now out.

Social platforms rise to the top or sink to the bottom faster than you can upload an image of your lunch. Major retailers, restaurants, and corporations are making huge mistakes and tanking before our eyes.

Why? Because we’ve become clueless. We’ve become that snobby valley girl that wants quick and easy attention. Quick and easy money. Quick and easy usually means cutting corners and lowering quality.

So how do we fix this?

We need to focus on making better products, giving better customer service, and marketing the core values that define our companies.

Of course this all sounds obvious, but for a lot of companies, it isn’t.

According to MarketingProfs:

43.9% of people would like improvements to the products and services they already use.

35.2% of people want more responsive customer service and better information on the products they use.

30.8% want innovative, fresh ideas that they haven’t seen or experienced before.

22.2% want to disconnect from the screens and have less intrusive technology so they can spend more time in the real world.

Think about what you want out of the products and services you use. Do you want a delicious cheeseburger with fresh ingredients? Or do you want that burger company to spend all their time and money trying to get Alexa to describe the ingredients you wish it had?

Companies aren’t focusing on how they can improve their products and services because they are too busy throwing all that money into horrible advertising. Or lowering the quality of their products and services to make more money.

But times, they are a changing.

New bars and restaurants use fresh ingredients, make everything by hand, and focus on quality. While chain restaurants are becoming quiet and awkward because nobody wants frozen processed food anymore.

Boutiques and online dress shops are becoming more creative and affordable. Customers can feel like they can express their own unique style. When you go to a boutique people actually help you find the perfect outfit. Meanwhile, major retailers are closing stores everywhere because they force their employees to spend all their time making customers open credit cards instead of helping people find clothes.

People don’t trust large corporations anymore. We feel cheated and lied to. It’s not just corporations, it’s the government, it’s the food industry, it’s pharmaceutical companies—all of these big names with all their millions and billions of dollars don’t connect with their customers anymore because we can’t trust them to do what’s in our best interest.

We want to see faces of the people who run companies, we want to be treated like we matter, and we want great products.

I’m very fortunate to have clients that are completely customer focused. It makes me love my job. Because I know I’m helping them build a brand that cares about customers above all else.

If your company isn’t doing so well right now, you need to think about these things:

  • Is everyone on your team proud of your company? If they aren’t, why aren’t they? It’s not something to punish them for, it’s something to discuss. They may have ideas on how to better your company.
  • Is your company using the cheapest option over the best quality option for its products? Are you cutting corners to save money? This is how your competitors will beat you, don’t let anyone make a better product than you.
  • How is your customer service team performing? Are you getting a lot of complaints? If so, you need to remind your employees that the only reason your business exists is because of your customers. If you upset your customers in any way, they won’t come back. There are too many other options out there now and people will move on fast. It is not just important to have great customer service, it’s mandatory.
  • Are you trying to be everything to everyone, or are you sticking to your real audience? If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your brand, it might be a good time to pull the team together and have everyone talk about what they think the brand represents. Develop your core values and stick to them.

If you think you’re doing all of this already but still struggling, there are a few other things you can do to start getting some positive attention that goes deeper than a trendy ad.

Give Back

Giving back to the community not only helps others, but it increases your happiness because you feel good about doing good things. If that isn’t enough incentive, remember, volunteering your time and giving back to the community is also a great networking option. You never know who you could meet along the way.

Be Helpful

Our social media posts tend to be articles that we think our readers would find helpful. But we also like to post marketing comics, marketing advice from a taco, and motivational quotes on Mondays. We want to make our readers laugh, be informed, and feel good–and we’ve increased our new net fans by 184%, and visits to our website from social media by 160% in the last 6 months.

Focus your social media efforts on providing helpful, fun, and interesting things that your readers will want to come back for on a regular basis.

There are so many creative opportunities to post on social media without spending millions on an ad with a famous person that will probably backfire anyway.

Have fun

If you’re never having fun at work, you probably don’t like your job very much. If you don’t like your job very much, you probably don’t care how well the company does and could care less about your customers.

You have to find ways to have fun at work. You have to find ways to get everyone in your company to truly care about their job. If that means doing team outings, leaving early on Fridays, or having a fun form of communication between employees then find ways to make these things happen! Ask your employees what they want and what would make them happy.

If your company has made some critical mistakes, it’s not too late for you. It will take some time, but you can build a company that your customers and employees all care about and trust. But you have to you have to make great things and treat your customers and employees like kings and queens.