great account manager qualities

There are a few ways to spot if you’re working with a confident digital agency account manager. Here are a few signs that your AM is comfortable with you and your projects, and with delivering you success.

They return your communications.

A confident AM won’t be afraid to face you and talk to you. Whether it’s emails, phone calls, voicemails, or text messages; if you’re working with a good AM, you will be able to reach them and they will follow up if they miss you.

They can admit failures and missteps.

They will talk to you even if the news is bad. An AM with confidence in their own ability (and their team’s ability) will know that any failure is an opportunity, and they will find a way to communicate the misstep and present a solution or a new route. This will help them manage your expectations, as well.

An AM that hides failures is going to have a lot of explaining to do when that side-stepping finally catches up with them.

They ask a lot of questions.

Anyone that is in charge of an account should have one resounding trait: curiosity. That curiosity should lead them to ask a lot of internal and external questions about projects, tactics, and strategies.

The best AMs will ask these questions even if they think they know the answers because they are constantly testing themselves and their own knowledge.

They always come prepared.

A good AM will be ready with all the things you have said you want to cover. The great AM will be able to anticipate things that might come up in the meeting, and they will be prepared to cover those things, too. They will have examples, samples, and data ready at a click’s notice. They will also make sure that their team is prepared to go above and beyond.

They will have examples, samples, and data ready at a click’s notice. They will also make sure that their team is prepared to go above and beyond.

They (respectfully) stand up to you.

A confident AM won’t be afraid to stand up to a pushy client when it needs to be done. If they know what they are talking about, they will be able to hold their ground and respectfully counter your suggestion with a well thought-out and data-backed recommendation. Be warier of a “yes man” than of an AM that isn’t afraid to go to bat for their ideas.

They get to know you and your team.

Building relationships is a core skill that every confident AM must have. They are going to learn about you, your team, and your business and they are going to use that information to make the partnership stronger and to deliver positive results for your projects.

Building these relationships will help keep communication open and build a space where both sides feel confident and comfortable discussing the good, the bad, and the failures.

They push boundaries.

Confident AMs aren’t afraid to use their expertise and the rapport they have built with you to push the boundaries. They won’t be complacent; their confidence will motivate them to try harder and deliver more success. They will push their clients to get out of their comfort zone and explore new ideas.