Create Buyer Personas

Player 1, your traffic is down, leads are at a standstill, social interactions are practically non-existent.  Evil Digital Marketing Metrics (EDMM) must be defeated.

Create Buyer Personas


How will you complete your mission?

You are missing an important tool that is key to defeating the EDMM.  Think. What are you missing?

I may have some information that can help you.  But your mission will not be easy.  It will require a certain amount of work that many are not willing to put forth.  Those that have failed to complete Level 1 .  In order to succeed, you must complete every task within Level 1 before you can battle the EDMM head on.

Your mission:  Increase traffic and interactions to your website, social media and emails.

Do you accept the challenge?

Good. Let’s begin.

Create Buyer Personas

Intro-Defining Marketing Buyer Persona

The buyer persona is a fictional, generalized representation of your ideal customer.  In order to reach other levels, like Email Marketing and Social Marketing, you must first unlock who your buyer personas are. The buyer persona holds all of the answers you need to complete your mission.  If you have created buyer personas years ago, it would be in your best interest to repeat Level 1 every few years.

You will be given one tool for this level: Hubspot’s Buyer Persona Template.  Follow my directions, complete this guide, and you will have the first key to unlocking your mission.Create Buyer Personas

Level 1. Task 1. Gather Customer Data via Coworkers

Your first task will not be easy.  You must leave the safe space of your desk and speak to coworkers.

Create Buyer Personas

To regain energy, return to your desk to recharge.  5 energy points can be earned by:

  • Eating small healthy snacks
  • 5-10 minutes of meditation
  • A brief walk
  • Funny cat videos

To complete this first task, ask coworkers who work closely with customers/clients.  You will want to bring pages 15-18 from your Buyer Persona’s Template Guide.  This document contains questions that are ideal for defining your buyer persona.

If some of the questions do not apply to your company, you may skip them. For an extra 10 bonus points, you may add your own questions.

Remember, these questions are meant for your co-workers to answer about customers/clients, not themselves.  If you gather information about your coworker’s life, your mission will have failed and you must restart the game from the beginning.

Beware of grumpy coworkers. Keep yourself armed with candy if you can not tackle these beasts on your own.

Create Buyer Personas

There will also be false prophets that will try to confuse you and ruin your mission.  They will pretend to know the customers/clients, but in reality they do not have any helpful information.  They will drain your energy points. To protect yourself, set an alarm on your phone for 5 minutes for each co-worker.  When the alarm sounds after 5 minutes you will know if they are a false prophet or if they have helpful information.

Create Buyer Personas

If they are a false prophet, use the alarm as an excuse to take an important call.  Immediately return to your desk to recharge.

When you have gathered data from several coworkers, you must record your findings.  Create a highly classified folder titled CURRENT CUSTOMERS.  Your first task is complete.  You earned 5000 points.

Create Buyer Personas

Level 1. Task 2. Gather Lead Data via Forms

Create a form or use information from a previously generated form.

To complete this task with the highest score, use the following fields in your form:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Income
  • Job title and role
  • Size of household
  • Company name, size and revenue

This form should be attached to a call-to-action (CTA) with an enticing offer.  The more information you ask of your recipient, the greater the offer should be.  I suggest a relevant eBook, White Paper, or trial offer for a form of this magnitude.

You may need assistance from allies that have reached higher levels of the mission.  They can assist you in creating an offer, CTA landing page and form.

Create Buyer Personas

If you can not find allies to assist you, you must create your own landing page and form.  This will cost you many energy points.  However, if you click on these links and apply the knowledge you gain, you will have completed most of Level 3 and will earn a CTA trophy that is worth 10,000 points.

When you have completed creating your CTA landing page and form, you must post this offer on social media, send it in an email, and include it on your website to gather as many forms as possible.

Social Media=50 points per post
Email=500 points
Website CTA=250 points

Once you have gathered the data from this form, you must analyze and organize your findings.  Create a new folder for this data under LEADS in the classified documents folder for this mission.

Congratulations. You have completed Level 2.  This information will help unlock future levels.  You have earned 7,500 points.

Your next task will be the most challenging yet.

Create Buyer Personas

Level 1. Task 3. Survey Real People

Your tasks thus far have been simple in comparison to your next task.  This task requires actual conversation with current and potential customers/clients.  You will need:

Before you begin, read pages 4-7 of Copy Hackers’ Where Stellar Messages Come From. Earn 25 points for reading the assigned pages.  Add 10 points for every 5 pages thereafter.

If you want to defeat the EDMM, you must complete this task.  Skipping this task will result in dire consequences later in this game (aka your job).  Completing this task will be worth 10,000 points and you will earn one of this games best trophies- Pandora’s Box.

This box unlocks the secrets of your target market.  It will allow you to shape your website, blogs, emails, advertisement campaigns, and much more.

Create Buyer Personas

Begin by creating a list of customers you may already have history with.  They will give you 50 energy points each, which you will need for turn-downs and blow-offs that drain energy.

Earn 500 points by taking the customer to a coffee shop
Add 250 points for buying customer’s drink

As described in the Copy Hacker guide, use the questions provided to start the conversation, but do not be stiff with them.  Let the person you are surveying lead the conversation.

Earn 50 points for every time you ask “Why” in response to their answer.
Each person you interview in person=1,000 points
Each person you interview over the phone is work 750 points

For each current customer interviewed, add the file to classified document folder CURRENT CUSTOMERS
For each potential customer interviews, add the file to classified document folder LEADS

Once you have noticed a trend, you may stop interviews.  Your task is complete.  You may eat the cookie. You have earned 25,000 points and the Pandora’s Box Trophy!

Create Buyer Personas

Level 1. Task 4. Organize All Data

Congratulations. You have made it to the end of Level 1.  To complete this level and move on to Level 2-Content Creation, you must first organize your data.

Open the top secret classified document folders for LEADS and CURRENT CUSTOMERS.  Open your Buyer Persona Template Guide and return to the questions.  Find the most common answers from your data.  Create a new classified folder entitled BUYER PERSONAS.  Input the most common answers from your data into several buyer persona profiles.

You now know who your current market is.  This may not be the audience or target market that you had anticipated on.  Let go of previous assumptions.  For now, these buyer personas will serve as your guides for the rest of the game.

They hold all of the answers.  They are the key to defeating the Evil Digital Marketing Metrics.

Do not ignore or leave your buyer personas behind in future levels.  You need will them throughout The Great Buyer’s Journey.

Create Buyer Personas

You have completed Level 1.

Photos By: Kevin Oskow