Digital Marketing Mistakes

While digital marketers might not be able to agree on which social channel is the best, the one thing that every digital marketer can agree on is that we are all pressed for time.

Most of us laugh at the idea of working ~just~ eight hours a day, or having weekends off completely (and forget about a 100% disconnected vacation). We are balancing so many plates, that something has got to give.

If you are looking for ways to increase the amount of time you have available in a day, try to look at ways you can be more efficient. One place to start is by asking yourself if you are engaging in any of these digital marketing mistakes that are wasting your time:

Digital Marketing Mistake #1: Publishing Blogs >500 Words

We all know that content is king, but that content needs to be substantial. Gone are the days when nonsense, keyword-stuffed blog articles equal search engine rankings.

In today’s digital marketing landscape, blog articles need to be well-thought out, include a relevant topic, and reach, at a minimum, 500 words. Instead of trying to publish five 300-word blogs a week, pivot to publish three well-written, topical 500-word articles instead and watch how your metrics change. The best content is what will get the best traffic.

Digital Marketing Mistake #2: Videos Without Tags

Video is a great, engaging, well-received digital marketing tactic, and there are several ways for even amateurs to publish videos with some quality production value. Videos are great content for YouTube channels, websites, and social media.

Videos fail, however, when digital marketers get sloppy with their upload. Like written content, videos need associated keywords, done through tagging. This will help your videos return in search results, so don’t doom your videos to fail by posting them without tags.

Digital Marketing Mistake #3: Participating in ALL Social Media

Social media. The golden egg. Marketers saw the potential of social media right away, but we are still trying to perfect it. One time-sucking mistake that a lot of us still make is trying to be everywhere all the time. It just doesn’t make sense for every company to be on Facebook AND Twitter AND Pinterest AND Instagram AND Snapchat.

Instead of running your team thin while trying to consistently post to all social media channels, instead have them focus on the social media sites that makes sense according to the data: your audience is there, and listening.

Digital Marketing Mistake #4: Replying to Trolls

Social and website customer service is important, but you should set some boundaries with your team. Yes, it is OK to sometimes ignore a commenter. With the ease of access and anonymity that people have today, customer service and marketing departments have been struggling to find the best policies for dealing with online complaints.

The truth is, it is impossible for any company to reply to every comment online. A good general rule to follow is to teach your team how to spot a troll, and have them promptly ignore them.