5 Ways to Tell if Your Company Needs a Website Redesign

When was the last time you did a comprehensive review of your website? Most businesses and brands understand the importance of having a website, but many overlook the importance of keeping it updated. Without an updated website, you run the risk of:

· Slow page loading
· Loss of brand credibility
· Increased bounce rates
· Lower conversion rates
· Low search engine ranking

Here are 5 ways to tell if it is time to talk to your digital marketing agency about kicking off a website redesign project:

Website Design Taboo #1: Not Mobile Responsive

The time has come and gone for skirting around having a mobile responsive website. These days, it is no longer an option; it is a necessity for any business to succeed online.

So many of us use our mobile phones and tablets to do most of our web browsing that if a site isn’t responsive, we’re likely to move on to one of your competitors. A website that isn’t mobile responsive can directly result in a loss of sales.

Website Design Taboo #2: Clunky User Experience (UX)

If you think about your website as your digital storefront, you can start to understand how important the UX is. Imagine someone trying to shop your products at a physical location that has bad parking, no organization, and terrible customer service.

That is what it is like if you have a confusing navigation bar, a crowded layout, conflicting branding, and hard-to-read fonts. Pay attention to the details and you’ll have a better chance of keeping people on your site, rather than encouraging them to check out your competition.

Website Design Taboo #3: It’s Broken

If your website visitors can’t even access or use your website, why do you even have it? If your site is slow to load and riddled with irrelevant content, broken links, and outdated apps, then you are killing your chances of showcasing that you are a reputable website and company worth doing business with.

May sure your website is compliant with the latest browser requirements, isn’t promoting offers that are no longer available, and has content that loads quickly.

Website Design Taboo #4: You’ve Updated Your Branding

If your branding has updated, you need to update your website to reflect that branding. Without updated branding, your website is going to cause visitors to disconnected from your marketing. Your website branding update needs to be a bigger project than just slapping a new logo up, too.

You need to consider how your brand has changed: colors, fonts, text style, main message, images, tone. Really sit down and consider all the ways you can reflect your new branding on your website.

Website Design Taboo #5: You Aren’t Converting Your Leads

The pot of gold at the end of every website rainbow is, of course, a converted lead. Or, better yet, all the converted leads. If you aren’t able to drive conversion on your website, it’s time to think about what you’re doing wrong. Look at your forms, your landing pages, and your calls-to-action to see where you can make improvements.