Succeed Influencer Marketing

How to use Influencer Marketing Strategies to Target Audience

Influencer marketing is trending, but is it worth it?

It’s a phrase as old as time: word of mouth is the best marketing. For many years, brands have been using spokespersons to spread the word about their products, and to associate themselves with a “cool” and “worthy” person, group, and segment. But, like all marketing, techniques and tactics need to roll with the changing times.

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Digital Marketing Mistakes

4 Common Digital Marketing Mistake and How to Avoid Them

While digital marketers might not be able to agree on which social channel is the best, the one thing that every digital marketer can agree on is that we are all pressed for time.

Most of us laugh at the idea of working ~just~ eight hours a day, or having weekends off completely (and forget about a 100% disconnected vacation). We are balancing so many plates, that something has got to give.

If you are looking for ways to increase the amount of time you have available in a day, try to look at ways you can be more efficient. One place to start is by asking yourself if you are engaging in any of these digital marketing mistakes that are wasting your time:

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basic social media

5 Basic Social Media Marketing Strategies & Tips

If you build it, they will come. That’s a lie. Well, it is in the context of social media marketing at least. Building your social media is the easy part.

Growing your social media is a whole different story that requires attention and maintenance. If you want to stand out, you can’t be basic. Here are five rules to follow for trackable social media success.

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6 Keys Great Social Media Strategy

6 Keys to a Great Social Media Strategy

Social media is a big piece of the digital marketing pie today, but many companies still struggle with how to find success in this space. The best approach is to create and follow great social media strategy. Even if you are already in the social space, you can refresh your channels to improve your results. Here are the six keys to a great social media strategy:

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share social media

7 Relatable Things to Share on Your Business’ Social Media Pages that Aren’t Business Related

If you have company social media pages, you might be tempted to publish only hard-selling posts about your services, like client testimonials, advertising campaigns, and case studies.

While these are all great ideas for content, filling a page with just those types of things will alienate your audience. Social is a great place for you to sell your business based on the personality you create for it.

The trick is to offer your audience a fun community that they want to be a part of and to trickle in your selling tactics between the other stuff.

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