6 Keys Great Social Media Strategy

6 Keys to a Great Social Media Strategy

Social media is a big piece of the digital marketing pie today, but many companies still struggle with how to find success in this space. The best approach is to create and follow great social media strategy. Even if you are already in the social space, you can refresh your channels to improve your results. Here are the six keys to a great social media strategy:

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Lead Generation Process Killing Lead Generation

5 Checkpoints For a Prospect Ready Lead Generation Process

How often do you analyze the content on your website and go through your lead or sales generation process and campaigns yourself?

I’m willing to bet that the answer is rare to never. You probably decided what information you wanted to collect, worked with your web team to get the content up, and haven’t thought too much about it since. You did the required proofreading for your follow up campaigns and made sure the campaigns are firing.

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