Diversify Content Strategy New Mediums Digital Storytelling

How to Adopt New Mediums of Digital Storytelling in Content Strategy

The large majority of online content today is blog posts. But, the “blog writing style” of storytelling has changed over the past few years to better account for user delight. Blogs have always been short, actionable, and easily implemented content. But now,  aspects like personalization, customization, and participation have become new signs of positive user engagement.

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live streaming brands

Pros and Cons of Live Streaming for Brands

Live streaming: everyone is doing it, but is it right for your brand?

We’re knee deep in the new year already, and it’s clear that live streaming video is going to make all of the “hot marketing tactic” lists. Just because everyone seems to be jumping on board, doesn’t mean that it will be a seamless transition for all brands.

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