starbucks holiday cups marketing

Why Do People Care About Starbucks’ Holiday Cups?

Most people around the world are familiar with the holiday cup campaign from Starbucks. Each year, their disposable cups go red for the holidays and feature a festive design, or at least convey the holiday spirit.

In recent years, the Starbucks holiday cup campaign has caused the Internet to straight up freak out. Last year, they released their cups as just plain red, with no artsy decorations and no message of “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays,” and people started petitions against them. Seriously.

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tips successful holiday marketing season

Tips for a Successful Holiday Marketing Season

The holidays are upon us once again, and so are this year’s holiday marketing campaigns. Businesses big and small get in on the holiday game, though they use different strategies and channels for their campaigns.

It can be confusing to decide if your company should even do a holiday marketing campaign or not.  But in the end, it is a choice that each individual company must make. If you decide to do a campaign, here are a few tips that are easy for B2B and B2C companies to follow:

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Infuse Virtual Reality Marketing Plan

4 Steps To Infuse Virtual Reality Into Your Marketing Strategy

The reality of the future of marketing is that reality just isn’t going to be enough anymore. Consumers are being exposed to more and more virtual reality (VR), and they can’t get enough.

Marketers across all types of brands are scrambling to first understand this technology, and second define how they can use it in their existing and evolving marketing plans.

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content marketing

The One Way You’re Getting Content Marketing Wrong

You are drinking the Kool-Aid, and you’re on board with everyone’s favorite marketing phrase: content is king. You’ve got a blog. You are killing it with your page descriptions.

You update your content often and make sure there aren’t errors. You’re investing in content – not just money, but time and resources.

The bad news is, you’re still doing one major thing wrong, and it’s costing you leads.

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