Social Media Analytics Tools

Best Native Social Media Analytics Tools

Social media has come a long way. Marketers used to struggle to show their executive team the value of social media because there was a lack of analytics, and even a lack of consensus over which analytics truly showed the ROI of social.

These days, pretty much every major social media network is getting it right for businesses: they offer business pages instead of personal accounts, and they have built-in analytics. These days, we have so many analytics that we don’t even know what to do with all the numbers and data.

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attracting strangers

The Art of Attraction-Marketing Your Business and Yourself

You are soooo good looking.

Don’t second guess it or deny it, just accept the truth.  You are an attractive person.

The problem is, many of us don’t feel that way about ourselves.

But you should stop worrying about what society considers attractive and focus on what you can do to make yourself feel more attractive.


What does this have to do with marketing?


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talking graphic designers

Say THIS, Not THAT, When Talking to Your Graphic Designer

Whether you are new to working with a design team, or have been doing it for years, the one thing you should remember is that it is your job to guide the designer through the idea that is in your head. The key word in that sentence is ‘guide’, and it is an important word to remember.

You are not there to tell a designer or a design team what to do, you are there to tell them what you are looking for so that they can use their talent to produce visuals that meet your communication goals.

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Social media mistakes

Don’t Make These 10 Social Media Mistakes

Social media is a marketing tool that companies must have in today’s business landscape.  But it is such a new resource that many businesses seem to forget the rules of Marketing 101 when they push their posts live. Here are the 10 worst social media offenses that businesses make, and that you should be sure to avoid.

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successful PPC campaigns

5 Ingredients for Successful PPC Campaigns

Pay Per Click campaigns (often referred to as PPC campaigns) can seem intimidating to the newcomer, but there are a few simple ingredients that you can use to have a successful campaign, no matter what industry you are in. The key to a successful and profitable campaign is ultimately going to come down to how much time and effort you put into the campaign.

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