Streamline Your Processes with Planning and Organization

Do you want to know what all of your mentors and favorite brands have in common? They have perfected their business processes with planning and organization.

That is why they are able to produce so much amazing material.  That is why their speeches are so awesome. That is why they have such a big following on social media. And that is why their content get so much engagement.

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handling bad reviews

How to Turn a Bad Review into a Positive Experience

Complaints about your business or product, or even about you, can sting. They can ruin a day. A smart business person, however, knows how to turn the experience of a bad review into a positive for both the customer and themselves. Each time a customer complains about you, either privately or publicly, you have the opportunity to reach out to them to find out more information, and to learn from their feedback.

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hate social media less

How to Hate Social Marketing a Little Less – Part 1

Do you get a headache when you think about what to post to your social media accounts for your business?  Do you get frustrated about to what to post on each platform?  Do you bash in your monitors with a stapler when one of your best posts gets no love because you posted it during the wrong time of day?

Good, I’m not alone.

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7 New Social Media Platforms That Are Great For Your Business

Social media is no longer the new, shiny kid on the block, but there are plenty of social platforms and networks that are emerging and shaking things up for B2B social media marketers. If you’re not already using the basic social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, then you should start with those. Once you’re an old pro and looking for new social media platforms and tools to use for B2B marketing, you’ll want to consider leveraging these growing platforms to marketing your company.

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