Don’t Let These Barriers Stop You from Starting a Social Media Program

Social media is here, and it’s here to stay. As a business today, your success depends largely on your online presence. Consumers are online, and they expect to be able to find you online, too. If they can’t find you online, their gut reaction is going to be that you aren’t a legitimate business, and they might move on to one of your competitors. Getting your business on social media is not just a quick task, though. Like any other marketing initiative, it should be well thought out and planned. Here are a few barriers that you might encounter when you try to start your social media program, and a few reasons you shouldn’t let them stop you.

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social media page design style

How to Pump Up Your Social Media Page: Google+

While Google+ can often seem like the red-headed stepchild of social media platforms, it packs a powerful punch when it comes to Internet searches. Using Google+ can help you improve your local search visibility, increase your SEO, and more. If you’re going to spend the time on social media, you should make the effort to participate on Google+ and create a great looking page.

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Cut lead costs

How to Cut Lead Costs by 80%

By now, most companies have accepted inbound marketing into their budgets.  The problem is that many companies are still using a majority of their marketing budget on outbound campaigns.  If you’re still spending more than 60% of your budget towards outbound campaigns, you could be wasting a lot of money.

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microdata improve SEO rankings

How Rich Schema will Help Improve Your SEO Ranking

One thing that everyone wants out of the Internet is more relevant search results. Users want to see results that are directly related to what they are searching; businesses want to show up when users search keywords that are related to them.

Advanced search engine optimization (SEO) techniques benefit everyone, and businesses need to be aware of how to take advantage of this opportunity.

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