4 Ways to Get Your Rock Star SEO Rankings Back Up

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) has become the Kanye West of the digital marketing world.  Marketers have stopped caring about what people want and only seem to care about what makes them popular on the internet.

If you’ve started marketing more towards search engines than your own customers, you’ve strayed way off path.  You’ve probably noticed all of your SEO efforts aren’t paying off like they used to.  Fear not, unlike Kanye, there’s still hope for you and your rankings.
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How To Draft An Internal Social Media Policy

Learning how to use social media for your company, and communicating that to your employees, can be a tricky task. However, without a policy, you can run into issues that can be embarrassing and damaging for your company, and could even result in the termination of employees. Here’s an outline to follow when drafting your internal social media policy.

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6 Pieces of Dating Advice for Developing Better Content

The world of content development for blog writing is almost as stressful as the world of dating. You spend money to research long tailed keywords that have the lowest level of difficulty with the highest views per month. Then you spend even more money to pay for your keyword to get a little bump up on the charts, only to check back on your posts weeks later to find hardly any views.

You pretty much bought your reader an expensive cocktail and then watched her walk off with it and flirt with some other company. Dreams crushed.

Sitting there looking at the green light on your SEO tool, you wonder where you went wrong. Well I hate to break it to you, but it probably had little to do with your keyword and everything to do with your content.

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