successful rebranding

How to Successfully Rebrand Your Business Like Old Spice

You’re just about to fall asleep when it hits you.  You grab a pen and note pad because you have to plan out every little detail right then and there.  Sleep is not an option.  You must write out the genius ideas that are budding inside you.  You are going to create the greatest company the world has ever seen.  Your brand is going to connect with others in a way that no other brand ever has.

Fast forward several years.  You’re sitting at your desk looking at this month’s numbers, which over the last several months had been stagnant, but are now actually depleting.  You’ve become so busy trying to carry a business that stress has removed any last remnants of excitement.  Your competitors are gaining momentum.  What are you going to do to fix it?  How are you going to bring your brand back to life?

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How to Help Your Artists Create Their Best Work

It’s no secret that artists are sensitive people – they have to be tapped into their emotions more than the average person in order to create that amazing work that helps gain attention for your business or your brand. The trouble is, they often work in the business world, with business-minded people, in an environment that doesn’t really foster their creativity. Sure, there are agencies out there that have built treehouses into the workspaces, but that isn’t your average business. For companies that are not agencies but have in-house design teams, it can be hard to bridge that gap and get results while also keeping everyone happy. Here are a few tips – from those that have worked with designers for years – which you can try to facilitate at your company to help your artists create their best work.

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Visual Visitor grows lead generation

Get a Visual of Your Visitors and Grow Lead Generation

Having access to information about your leads, like who they are and what they are interested in, is vital to your lead generation program’s success. Luckily, the technology of the Internet has advanced so far that marketers and businesses can collect all sorts of interesting tidbits about their prospects and customers. The hurdle here is that many times, in order to collect that information, your website visitors need to be registered and logged in to your site, or to a site like Facebook, in order for that information to be collected.

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digital strategist

What is a Digital Strategist?

As digital has grown over the past decade, it created jobs that didn’t exist before. We never needed database analysts, web masters, or email marketers before. We need all of those things now, and they all fall under the digital business umbrella. So, how do we keep all of those digital business functions in sync? Well, we use a digital strategist, of course. Wait, a who? Yeah, we know, it sounds like a made-up job, but it is a real position, and it is important to any business that is using digital as a visibility and growth strategy.

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