internet Easter eggs

Can You Find All of the Internet Easter Eggs?

Why should kids get to have all the fun with Easter eggs hunts?  While the kids suffer from a sugar hang over, we can have some fun exploring the web on our own internet Easter egg hunt.

Internet Easter eggs are fun little games, images or random surprises hidden in the code by developers throughout sites and software.  They’re not intended to part of the main navigation, they’re just something fun for the developers to hide throughout their sites.

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business marketing plan

Your Business Will Fail Without a Marketing Plan

While a great idea is certainly needed to kick off a new business venture, it’s how you nurture that idea that will determine if it is a success or a failure. Without one key element – a marketing plan – you will only be setting your idea up for impending failure.
Marketing plans are a written, thought-out form of your strategy. They are vital for communicating to both investors and employees the direction you want the business to go.

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St Patrick's Day Marketing Campaigns

Why These St. Patrick’s Marketing Campaigns Work

Holidays are a great excuse to have some fun with your marketing campaigns, especially St. Patrick’s Day.  All you have to do is tie in the color green or add some booze and you’re set, right?  If only the world of marketing were so easy.

These ads may have been influenced by St. Paddy’s Day, but the reasons why they work so well can be carried over into any marketing campaign throughout the year.

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