PowerPoint Presentation

How To Do More with PowerPoint (Part 1)

“I can’t wait for the next PowerPoint presentation that I get to see,” said No One Ever.

Yes, that seems to be the general consensus from business people around the world. The problem isn’t that PowerPoint is a bad program, the problem is that the presentation designers do not know how to do more with PowerPoint. The result is often cringe-worthy. Add a PowerPoint presentation to a meeting that could have been an email and you will be lucky to get out of there alive.

Spend a few minutes reading our How To Do More with PowerPoint series, read it aloud to someone that needs it, or forward it along to your offending co-workers, and PowerPoint will no longer conjure up a feeling of dread.

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Adobe animate

Adobe Animate Release: What it Means for the Design Community

The end has come for the Flash…and, no, that’s not a superhero reference. It’s a reference to Adobe’s Flash Professional software, which frankly has been dying slowly for years. Flash Professional was once the ruler of all web animation, but as it goes with all crowns, eventually winter comes. For years now, Flash has suffered, mainly because Apple chose not to support its format. Instead, Apple focused on HTML5 content, while Adobe Flash remained closed off, with a variety of security-related issues. With iOS users outnumbering Android users on mobile, this was, alas, the kill shot for Flash. No kingdom can survive without strong allies.

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3 Easy Ways to Stream Video to Your TV


A recent client had posted great new training videos on YouTube to promote her workout attire.  They looked good on her mobile devices, but she was worried that no one would be able to view them on their TVs. I told her not to worry, there are plenty of gadgets that let you stream videos from your laptop, smartphone or tablet to your TV screen.

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social media trends

2 New Social Media Trends That Are Required For Your Business

If you’re looking for creative ways to promote your business, today’s social media platforms have some new trends that could fit your latest marketing strategies.  New “buy” buttons on Pinterest and Instagram let you sell your products and services, not just showcase them. Video is another growing trend, and almost every major social media platform is using it to help businesses drive sales.

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