Quotes to Bring Out Marketing Greatness in 2016

18 Inspirational Marketing Quotes to Bring Greatness in 2018

The nature of humanity is to learn and be inspired from our environment and those around us. This of course also could not be more true when aspiring to be a talented and successful marketer and to continue to grow and expand our breadth of knowledge.

As we prepare to close out another year and welcome in 2018, here are some of my favorite quotes to bring out marketing greatness in 2016 from successful leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, marketers and musicians.

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Live Feeds vs Webinars: When to use them

Live Feeds vs. Webinars: When to Use Them

In today’s world, it isn’t just workers that can telecommute; presentations can now be viewed, live or recorded, from all around the world at any given time. Presentations are a great way for business professionals to increase visibility of their brand and their product. The issue that presenters face now is which type of online presentation to choose for their content and for their audience. The options are to do a live feed or to do a webinar. So, what is the difference between these two options? Here are explanations of both and recommendations of how and when to use live feeds vs. webinars.

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holiday marketing campaign ideas

8 Creative Holiday Marketing Campaign Ideas

I love the holidays. Not just for nostalgic reasons and for spending time with loved ones, but also as a marketer. I really look forward to seeing the amazing creativity from companies who typically spare no expense this time of year on their marketing campaigns to attract holiday business. 

Sure, there are many campaigns who don’t even come close to getting it right, but I’m always surprised by all the companies who actually nail it with amazing imagination and inventiveness to making us laugh or feel more inspired and connected to our family and friends, as well as to humanity.

Here are eight outstanding holiday marketing campaign examples for 2015 I came across that definitely got it right. Hopefully they will strike a chord within you to help inspire new ideas for your own marketing initiatives.

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Tips to Spice up Your Blog Design Part 3: User Experience

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

The user experience (known as the UX) is an important part of your blog’s design. The user experience speaks to how a user consumes, or experiences, the content that you present on your site. This is a crucial area of your design, and it isn’t something that needs a lot of work to make improvements. While you should do some research eventually and make larger improvements to your design, there are a few easy fixes that any blogger can tackle. Here are some important tips to spice up your blog design focusing on the user experience.

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4 Star Wars Quotes We Can Learn From To Be Better Marketers

4 Star Wars Quotes We Can Learn From To Be Better Marketers

Millions of Star Wars fans are beside themselves as the latest saga in the series, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, opens in theaters around the globe this week. I, “like my father before me,” have been a major fan from the beginning and without fail will be lining up and fighting the crowds to see the movie this weekend.

Like many other die-hard Star Wars fans, I grew up driving my parents nuts playing them over and over again and eventually wearing out the VHS tape of each movie. To this day, I still know every single line from each character in Episodes IV, V, VI. As I grew up I realized the important lessons that we can all learn from Star Wars about making the right decisions and doing the right thing in order to be better people. Once I entered the world of marketing, I realized that many of these same concepts can be applied to being a better marketer as well.

Here are four Star Wars quotes we can learn from to be better marketers:

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