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How to Pump Up Your Social Media Page Design and Style (Part III): Google+

While Google+ can often seem like the red-headed stepchild of social media platforms, it packs a powerful punch when it comes to Internet searches. Using Google+ can help you improve your local search visibility, increase your SEO, and more. If you’re going to spend the time on social media, you should make the effort to participate on Google+ and create a great looking page.

While it’s all on you for that first part, we can give you some tips for the latter. On Google+, you’ve got two sections where you can make a design impact – your profile picture and your cover photo.

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5 ways to leverage Facebook video for marketing

5 Ways to Strategically Leverage Facebook Video for Marketing

Let’s face it, most of the time it really doesn’t matter what the content is about when it comes to video; it’s much quicker, easier and more stimulating to the senses to consume than reading text. This couldn’t be any more true than in marketing.

Everyone loves stories, and having them come to life on video with little effort to the consumer is much more appealing to many people than reading about it, especially when you have a limited amount of time, or are not completely convinced about what it is the information is trying to convey. It’s one of the main reasons why reading books has declined over the years and why movies and TV are so incredibly popular.

Marketing is following the same path with video quickly on its way to dominating in the next few years. If you’re not mastering it now, as Heidi Klum the host of Project Runway, one of my favorite reality TV shows says, “you will be out”.

Internet users will almost double by 2019, according to Cisco’s Annual Internet Traffic Forecast, which also estimates that IP video will represent 80 percent of all the traffic by 2019, up from 67 percent in 2014. That’s huge. Clearly the majority of the content shared online in the not-so-distant future, whether it be social media or any other capacity, will be video.

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Social Media Page Design

How to Pump Up Your Social Media Page Design and Style (Part II): Twitter

The latest Twitter update has provided you with a somewhat fresh canvas to redesign your Twitter page and give it a great new look. While this update isn’t new, you’d be surprised by how many people forget to update their social media page design and style by simply updating the images. Whether you have or haven’t changed your profile in a while, consider implementing these tips into your next update.

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Facebook Design and Style

How to Pump Up Your Social Media Page Design and Style (Part I): Facebook

Facebook is one of your most powerful social media platforms for building your branding, generating leads, and maintaining customer relationships. Besides the content that you post, you also need to spend time with each social media page design and style to be sure you have a great looking page – one that really captures attention and completely reflects your branding. 

Start With Your Profile Image

What’s a Facebook page without a profile image? If you have a logo, this is where you’ll want to put it. Yes, you should put your logo in your profile image unless you are a highly recognizable brand. Remember, in newsfeeds, people who like your page will only be able to identify you by your profile image. You can get still creative with how you feature your logo. Take KLM for example:

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