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Successfully Crafting Your Brand on Social Media

A lot of marketers have a love/hate relationship with social media. There are rules. There are character limits. There are new trends popping up every minute. Social media has transformed from an option to a 24/7 demand. Even five years ago, who would have imagined that what you did on Facebook on a Saturday night would evolve into full-time jobs at every major company?

You’ve got your user-friendly website, your eye-catching advertisements strategically placed, and you’ve perfected your email headline. But do you know the importance of crafting your brand on social media? Here are five ways to successfully market your brand using social media.

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SEO blog

Writing a SEO-Friendly Blog

SEO, or search engine optimization, may be evolving, but it isn’t going anywhere. By incorporating SEO into your blog posts, you can transform your content into a marketing tool.

Writing for the web is much different than writing for print. While first and foremost you’re writing for human readers, when you’re blogging, you’re also writing for Google and search engine spiders.

There is a very fine balance between writing thought-provoking content for people and writing content that will rank well. Ideally, you want your well-written content to appear highly in search engines, which means you need to write content that is SEO-friendly. SEO is exactly what its name means—search engine optimization. There are millions of “rules” for SEO, some which should be followed and some that can be broken. Over the past decade, SEO has vastly changed and evolved. This is why it’s crucial you stay up-to-date on the latest SEO trends and news.

When writing a SEO-friendly blog, keep the following in mind:

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online learning

Online Learning Resources Compared: Part 2

In part 1 of our online learning resources comparison article, we took a look at four great companies: Learnable, Codcademy, Treehouse and Tuts+.

This article will continue the evaluation of online learning services by covering the basics of four additional options. All of the companies covered in this series are worth taking a look at for your e-learning needs. These services vary on the topics they cover, how in-depth they cover them, their costs, and their learning techniques.

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4 Effective DO’s and Don’ts of Hashtags on Social Media Marketing

Hashtags have been around for some time now; since 2007 to be exact. They now seem to be fully integrated into our culture and have no signs of disappearing anytime soon.

Most of us have seen and probably have even used them, especially on Twitter and Instagram, but are now used on many other social media networks, including Google+, Flickr, Pinterest and a few others. However, it’s not always clear how and when to use hashtags most effectively to support your digital marketing efforts.

Hashtags can be an amazing tool to boost your social media following, help you find relevant information, and even attract leads if you know a few basic best practices and are not afraid to put in a little work, some experimentation and a whole lot of patience.

If you’re not careful, using hashtags improperly or too frequently, as in the funny and exaggerated video skit below with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, gives off a very bad and quite annoying impression to your followers.

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online learning resources

Online Learning Resources Compared: Part 1

One of the great things about technology is that you can use it to learn more about it. There are many services out there that offer online resources to help you and your staff become experts in web development.

E-learning offers its students many advantages, including self-paced progression, multiple learning techniques, and collaboration. Students can take their time with any one lesson; moving on only when they are ready. The availability of previous lessons also allows them to easily go back to old materials for a refresher. The ability to learn through eBooks, tutorials or videos is great too, as students can choose to use one tool, or many, to learn in the way that best suits them.

E-learning also offers students a chance to learn in real time, or to view prepared documents. Both options can also give students a collaborative learning space, with live commenting or with forums.

There are several resources available, but using our 2-part series to help you research will make it easier to pick the solution, or solutions, that are right for your business and your team.

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