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Increase Search Results with a Mobile-Friendly Website

It’s very safe to say that mobile technology and usage has advanced at lightening speed over the last decade. According to Pew Research, over 65 percent of American adults now own a smartphone of some kind; up from 35 percent in 2011. It’s not uncommon now to find just about every age demographic – including my relatives, a few who are well into their seventies – surfing the Internet and texting on a smartphone.

Since relying on a mobile device is now so deeply ingrained into our society, it’s probably not surprising to anyone that Google recently made updates to its algorithms used to index websites. As of April 21, Google now ranks mobile-friendly websites that are catering to mobile users much higher than those that do not.

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You Started a LinkedIn Group. Now What?

People start LinkedIn groups everyday for a number of reasons. Chances are, you created your LinkedIn Group to either drive traffic to your website to further build your business and convert leads into sales, or to learn valuable information, network and connect with other like-minded individuals in your industry.

No matter the reason that you started a LinkedIn group, even if it’s neither of the above, the most important factor for whether your group will succeed is of course to have members. While this is an obviously transparent goal, it is not always easy to attract and keep new and existing group members coming back.

Here are a few tactics you should consider in order to not only grow your group membership, but keep members engaging so you can meet your goals tied to why you created the LinkedIn group in the first place.

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Why Your Small Business Needs a Professional Website Design

It’s simple math: professional web design equals a professional website equals a professional business. Even a small business needs an attractive website that, most importantly, looks professional and legitimate. The everyday consumer automatically distrusts complicated or outdated websites. Why? The average person doesn’t have time to sift through web pages that are confusing to navigate. And many people hesitate to do business with a company whose website is stuck in the ‘90s because their spidey senses are screaming, “scam!”

A company’s website serves as a large element of its strategic marketing plan. A well designed website can make all the difference in gaining new customers, whether your company offers services or sells products.

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Prevent a Google Penalty [Infographic]

It can be very confusing and somewhat scary to enter the world of SEO, especially if you’re trying to maximize your rankings on your own. It’s very important to know all the rules so that you not only help your site to be more visible, but so you don’t anger the almighty Google. It can be very easy to do something completely wrong (knowingly or unknowingly) to receive a penalty that could banish your site into the depths of the Internet abyss where you will never experience the nurturing light of a decent ranking ever again.

To help you prevent a Google penalty, take a look at the following infographic from the Neil Patel at Quick Sprout for a detailed overview of the major dos and don’ts.

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