Why Blogging is Essential for Marketing

It’s no secret that all of us here at Digital Style are huge fans of cultivating and integrating a strategic inbound marketing campaign alongside traditional outbound principles for your comprehensive marketing plan.

One of the most critical aspects of an inbound marketing strategy is to have a very developed blog along with an extensive social media strategy. This enables you to create and distribute captivating, educational and oftentimes entertaining material in which your ideal audience can benefit.

This among the following reasons is why blogging is essential and why you should most certainly consider blogging regularly for your business.

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website mistakes don't make

7 Web Design Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

What’s worse than having no website? A really ugly website. Never underestimate the power a website’s design has and its influence on consumers. Whether you’re building your own website or working with a professional web design company, here are seven web design mistakes you don’t want to make:

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5 Reasons You Should Be Posting on LinkedIn Pulse

When LinkedIn acquired Pulse about two years ago, it went relatively unnoticed by the majority of the massive social network’s 347 million users. Sure, then people began to read about it and wondered exactly what LinkedIn’s plans were for turning itself into an even bigger powerhouse by hosting it’s own content, but even today, while many read the content, they may not consider using the platform for themselves to get out in front of their key audiences.

If you consider yourself a content marketer, blogger, inbound marketer or any other terms I’m neglecting to mention that relate to creating your own content for the sake of improving your personal and company exposure and reputation in order to sell your products or service, then you really can’t afford to not be using LinkedIn Pulse. Using LinkedIn Pulse is one of the most efficient and effective ways to do everything you’re trying to do with a blog and social media. Here are five reasons why you really should start posting on Linkedin Pulse.

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Tips for Working with Graphic Designers (Part IV): The Review Process

A first draft is just that: the first of many. When working with a graphic designer, the review process is critical and can mean the difference in getting what you want and getting something you sort of think is okay.

Remember, your designer can’t read your mind and doesn’t know your business like you do. It’s up to you to guide the process and provide suitable feedback. When reviewing a design, don’t give obscure feedback like “it doesn’t excite me” or “can you make this text pop more?” The designer can’t do much with that. Always include the “why.” Why doesn’t the design excite you? Is the font too simple? Is there too much white space? Before you give any feedback, understand why you’re giving it.

In this last post covering tips for working with graphic designers, reviewing the work and properly guiding the designer is most critical. When reviewing a draft, always provide feedback for the five main elements of a design: color, font, images, layout, and the overall look and feel. This not only helps the designer, but can also help you determine what you like or don’t like about the draft. In reviewing these five elements, consider the following:

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Bad PowerPoint Design: 10 Things NOT To Do

A bad PowerPoint design is like dressing up for an eighties costume party, only to discover upon arrival that it’s not a costume party. It’s hilarious for everyone except you. The very worst PowerPoint designs often look like they’re dressed for an eighties costume party – they feature loud colors, flashy gimmicks, and not-so-special effects. A bad PowerPoint design isn’t just bad; it detracts from your brand identity. Before you create your next presentation, follow our ten PowerPoint design tips:

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