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5 of the Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns of 2014

Marketers are a naturally creative bunch, but that surely doesn’t mean we don’t have our challenges in developing creative and successful campaigns. Ever since the first social media networks came into the picture over a decade ago, we’ve had our work cut out for us trying to figure out ways to leverage these new media channels to reach, communicate, engage and nurture our customers and prospects.

Taking into consideration some very painful (and very costly) mistakes, marketers in general have done amazingly well evolving along with social media and content marketing, especially over the last couple of years.

To showcase some of the best social media marketing and content marketing campaigns, here are five of our favorites from 2014 that can teach us all a thing or two about being creative, entertaining and engaging our audience.

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sales prospecting on linkedin

Sales Prospecting on LinkedIn: 20 Minutes a Day

When it comes to sales prospecting on LinkedIn, many sales professionals will jump in headfirst, spending several full days connecting with people, updating their profile, and asking for recommendations. This may work in the short term, but over the long haul, you’ll be back where you started, because that kind of pace just isn’t sustainable.

A better approach is outlined in the Salesforce infographic below. Instead of a massive crush of activity followed by months of inactivity, set aside 20 minutes a day for your prospecting activities. This is a much better pace, will keep your LinkedIn presence fresher, and will result in more leads on a regular basis. When it comes to sales prospecting on LinkedIn, slow and steady wins the race (and gets the leads!)

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master linkedIn

4 Ways to Master Marketing on LinkedIn in 2015

As a marketer in 2015, it’s clear to most (if not all) that ignoring social media is a cardinal sin. Even more, it’s now to the point that many marketers know it is detrimental to the success of many businesses if they are simply not keeping up with how people interact online. This is especially true on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has made a tremendous impact on businesses and professionals around the globe for the past decade. As LinkedIn continues to be one the most thriving, effective and widely-used social media sites for marketing as well, it is important to understand that just being active on the site doesn’t mean you’re going get the results you want. You must be adaptive, bold, dedicated and embrace all the rapid changes that have occurred and most certainly will continue in the next few months, years and beyond.

So as we embark on yet another year in this brave not-so-new (but kind of new), ever-changing social media world, here are four of the best ways you can master marketing on LinkedIn in 2015.

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marketing goals for 2015

Marketing Goals for 2015: It’s Not Too Late!

Previously on this blog, we discussed the SMART methodology as a great framework for setting concrete and achievable marketing goals. But what if you’re still stuck or need more help getting started? Have no fear! The links below will help you come up with goals you can actually achieve this year. From tools and templates to advice from the experts, the links below can get you well on your way to defining specific goals for the year!

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