How To Supercharge Your Content Marketing With Killer Images

A killer image will not only make your content look better, but study after study shows that users are more likely to click, tweet, like and share when an image is involved. These days pretty much everyone knows that, so not only do you need to include an image, but it’s gotta be a killer one! So ditch the cheesy looking stock images and spend some time to do it right. This can be a time consuming process, but it’s worth it. Here’s how we approach our blog posts … Continue Reading

does your email signature suck?

7 Tips to Make a Professional Email Signature

I bet you have a really nice-looking email signature. You’ve probably chosen specific colors to match your brand, and maybe you’ve even added a touch of whimsy with your font choices and inclusion of an insightful quote at the bottom. (If your signature has a quote in it, it automatically sucks. Sorry, but it’s true.)

Don’t let this happen to you! Yes, your signature should reflects your brand and personality, but it’s a balancing between providing concise contact information and embracing your brand. Below are 7 tips for creating a professional email signature that can also help drive visitors back to your website.

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email signature

Why Your Company Needs an Email Signature

Email is the most-used method of communication in the business world, to the tune of 100 billion messages sent and received each day! How many emails are sent from your company and what are you doing to harness them in building your brand? All too often, email signatures are left up to the individual to use as they see fit. The lack of a consistently branded email signature is the equivalent of handing a potential customer a slip of paper with your name, company and phone number handwritten on it as a way to develop a business relationship.

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