the great divide in content marketing

Content Marketing’s Great Divide

Content marketing continues to be a key strategy for today’s marketers. According to recent research from HubSpot, the top 3 content marketing efforts that high-performing marketers prioritize are blogging, organic search optimization, and content amplification.

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Is WP Engine the Bacon of WordPress Hosting?

Is WP Engine the Bacon of WordPress Hosting?

We haven’t written any endorsements for the services or products we use, but over the last 2 years our experience with WP Engine has been so good and we frequently get questions about who we use for WordPress hosting, it just seemed like a good idea. So here we go, why we are comfortable comparing a hosting company to that culinary delight know as bacon.

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killer content

9 must-haves for creating killer website content

The following is an excerpt from 25 Website ‘Must Haves’ for Driving Traffic, Leads & Sales. To download the full guide, click here.

Content is one of the most important aspects of any website. With the rise of inbound marketing, content has become front and center in the minds of marketers. It is what search engines and people are looking for. It’s what drives visitors to your site and turns prospects into leads. Take a look at these next must-haves for creating killer website content.

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SEO mistakes

Don’t make these SEO mistakes during your next redesign!

The following is an excerpt from 10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid During Your Next Website Redesign. To download the full guide, click here.

Looking to redesign your website? As we all know, this isn’t just a case of breaking out the paint and going to town. You want your new site to look good, but it also needs to perform well. This marriage of form and function is critical for your new site to be a success.

One such aspect you can’t afford to overlook during a website redesign is search engine optimization. SEO is critical if you want your visitors to be able to find your site via search and easily navigate through your pages. And though we want to make sure that our content is written for humans, there are things you can do to make sure your content is friendly to search engines, too.

Mistakes are a part of life. But they don’t need to be a part of your website redesign experience. Here’s a some of the most common SEO mistakes to avoid during your next redesign.

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good design usability

Don’t Forget the Design! 6 Gems of Good Design and Usability

Content is king, we’ve all heard it. But if content is king, what is design? Many say the queen, but I disagree. I like to think of design as the royal crown, sitting on the kings head, letting everyone know, this is the king! So don’t put a cheap old hat on your king, make sure you take the time and effort to craft a crown that will position your king appropriately. These 6 gems will guide you through the design and usability process.

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