businesses use linkedin

While marketers are often hyper-aware of social media and constantly asking themselves how to make the most of it, there is one social channel that continues to be overlooked: LinkedIn.

Since this social site isn’t focused on the wide audiences of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, businesses often fail to see the advantage of using the site.

It’s just that concept, however, that makes it the perfect marketing tool. It isn’t as crowded as the other sites, and it is more niche (which has advantages).

The platform itself is massive, and it recently received a large bid of confidence from Microsoft – in the tune of a $26.2 billion investment. It’s time to stop thinking of LinkedIn as a place where people go to post their resumes; it’s now a place where businesses and thought leaders go to connect and form partnerships.

LinkedIn profiles are a legitimate way that research is conducted during negotiations for business and for jobs. Your business should be using LinkedIn to create, and control, your reputation.

Here’s How to Get it Right

If you look at your own profile, your businesses profile, and many of the user profiles on LinkedIn, you’ll notice a trend – things seem self-centered. LinkedIn has been positioned and seen as a place where you can go to talk about yourself in depth, but when you do it that way, you’re missing a big opportunity.

Your business, and personal, LinkedIn profiles should instead focus on communicating what problems you can solve for clients, and how you can solve those problems. What are your businesses strengths? Talk about those and offer statistics from case studies to showcase success and entice those that view your profile.

Sure, you can’t know the exact problem someone has when they view your profile, but if you know your industry you should be able to speak to the common pain points and how you resolve those.

Consider the same target audience you use for your other marketing materials – that is what LinkedIn really is, a tool for professional marketing. Give your business a face and a story, and connect that profile to your business’ leaders to further drive home your mission.

Here’s How to Use It

One area of business marketing that doesn’t get enough attention is thought leadership. Sure, you can add some informational pages on your business’ website, but LinkedIn offers a deeper dive that people are interested in seeing.

Not only that, but LinkedIn also shows how your business leaders are connected to others in the industry, which could give you a leg up over the competition during the vetting process.

With hardly any work on your end, someone can associate your business and your leaders with someone that they know and trust which translates to trust for you.

Push thought leadership posts and share news about the industry to keep your business on people’s minds. Your company page should also promote your leaders, and other work you are doing in the industry.