share social media

If you have company social media pages, you might be tempted to publish only hard-selling posts about your services, like client testimonials, advertising campaigns, and case studies.

While these are all great ideas for content, filling a page with just those types of things will alienate your audience. Social is a great place for you to sell your business based on the personality you create for it.

The trick is to offer your audience a fun community that they want to be a part of and to trickle in your selling tactics between the other stuff.

So, what is that other stuff? Here are 7 relatable things you can share on your business’ social media pages that aren’t directly business related:

1. Charity Efforts

Whether it’s for the holidays or it is a year-round “pay-it-forward” campaign, share your company’s charity efforts and encourage others to find (and share!) their own ways of giving back. If you don’t already do charity events, consider taking part in the Make-A-Wish foundation, or simply volunteer to serve food at a local shelter. When you share the posts on social, make it an opportunity to talk about the cause, and not about your company.

2. Ways You Are Eco-Friendly

Whether you are saving energy or saving paper, share the steps your team is taking to save the environment. From recycling efforts to eco-friendly water coolers, share it all and ask your followers to share their own green experiences.

3. Company Celebrations

From wedding to baby showers to birthdays to personal achievements, show the people side of your company by sharing those celebrations with your social community. Whether someone finished their first marathon or climbed their first mountain or completed a degree, let your social community get to know your team on another level.

4. Recipes

Food is the way to anyone’s heart. Whether you decided to pick a theme – like desserts or gluten-free – or you just roll with any type of food, these posts are very engaging and fun. You can even do a recipe of the week – or month, depending on the size of your company – and let a different employee share their favorite recipes. That way, you’re sharing useful information and allowing the community to get to know your employees.

5. Welcome New Hires

A simple photo with a biography of your new hires will give your community a look into your company’s team. Share a few fun, quirky facts about the new hire too!

6. Local News

Whether you are sharing news about upcoming weather or congratulating a local youth sports team, get involved. Do some free advertising for the local high school’s art show or play, encourage people to attend park clean-ups, share news about neighbors that need help – invest in following local news and becoming a voice in the community.

7. Office Pets

Dogs, cats, lizards, birds…any pet will do. If you can’t allow them in the office, ask your employees to submit a picture that you can use to spotlight their pet on your social channels.

What non-business content do you post to your social channels?